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Ternuritas donde ? 

Ternuritas donde ? 

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AU Meme: Harry is dating a fan

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AU: You and Harry meet and become friends. He starts to like you and finally asks you out on a date.


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AU: Harry cheats on you after the two of you have been together for three years, and were engaged to each other. He claims it was a drunken mistake and that he wants you back but you’re not having it. You told him if he ever cheated on you you’d leave him, and that’s exactly what you do.

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Louis AU: Y/N and Louis had a wild night, and he was the one getting teased the next day.

My first AU! 

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AU: You recently broke up with Harry because of the constant separation. He was asked about his relationship with you in an interview, and he just wants you back.

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AU: Liam trying to get you to go out with him

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AU Meme: You and Marcel have been friends forever and one day he asks you out. Expecting nothing more than a little shy and even cute date, you both agree to meet at dinner at 8. He puts all his effort into trying to look good for you. You’re glad you said yes.

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AU Meme → Liam Payne: sex addict; “I can’t feel anything else anymore.”

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AU MEME: You’re dating Louis and though the relationship is long distance - due to the extensive periods of time he spends away due to his career, it’s still thriving. While he’s on tour you become particularly close with Calum and he later on reveals to you that he indeed has a crush on you. When you reject his affection he gets quite grumpy though you are adamant in restoring your friendship.

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AU MEME: Niall Horan The Football Player

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AU: Harry wants to have a baby but you’re still not ready. But it did happened, in the end.

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